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NA RYUN KIM / KIM17517665



* How has my research influenced and shaped my project outcome?

My research gave my first starting point and inspiration for "subverting functions".

It gave me the overall idea of my project. From my primary research image of "Harrods building made of jelly" inspired me a lot. So I did experiment with jelly to make key. I want to change hard (usually metal) thing to soft material. I mainly focused on showing my idea visually. I want to make my project clearly understandable. So I tried to think of a flow of the project. Every stage and process is link to each other.


* If I could start my project again, what would I do differently and how would I go about it? Broad out little bit might help my project more spectacular. Maybe I can apply different techniques to make garment. For example, pleating, drawstrings, gathering, more structural silhouette with wire. Research is the key element for design. I want to research more about Wes Anderson's movie and extract some elements from it. I would put more time on final piece because I want to add more details. Applique took more time than I expected.


* What is the most successful and what is the least successful aspect of my project? What are my strengths and weaknesses? The most successful aspect of my project is that I can see the theme clearly. The "key" is a noticeable element of my project. I wanted to show the links (connections) with my research. One of my goal for this project was easy to understand for people who see my work. My weakness is time management. Making garment was time consuming. It took longer than I expected. Also, I made too tight plan which was hard to carry on. I missed time table tutorial and regretting it. Next time, I will make my plan looser and calculate time precisely.

* Assuming I have achieved my intended outcomes, could I now take these concepts and ideas further if I had more time? If so, in which way? I almost achieved my intended outcome now. However if I had more time I would make plentiful tassels and attach it on the skirt to make structural shape and volume.

* Looking back on my projects, are there additional research, development or design outcomes I could have come up with to improve my submission? For the research I found some books of pattern making in CSM library. I realized that knowing pattern is important while making garment. Also, I made some accessories in addition to garment. I want to add more accessories such as huge hat, gloves to my styling.

* How well did I organize myself and manage my time during this project? I made action plan and try to follow it. However, during the Easter Holliday, some plans have changed. I spend more time on sketchbook than I planned and didn't finish the garment. Actually, I tried to make the garment for my own (personal) project which was "Korean grandma project". I bought some vintage clothes and tried to reform it but it was not successful. So I change my plan to just continue my Harrods project instead. It was quiet time consuming. Maybe I can go back (revisit) to my work later if I have time.




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Unit 7 Exhibition Label

 Unit 7 Exhibition Label

Na Ryun Kim

Harrods project

This project originally starts from Harrods greenman. I focused on door and door handle, since the fist contact occurs with the doorman and customers. My initial research was started from the image of Harrods building made of jelly. I found it interesting and I want to change the usual material of "key, lock and door handle" to something soft and flexible, not just metal. I made samples with jelly, candy but it was difficult to preserve so i used fabric instead. I used embroidery, appliqué and quilting to express my idea. I want to give a joyful experience to customer and greenman by changing a fixed idea. I applied this idea to my final piece.

Action Plan

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